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My goal is to exceed your every expectation and deliver uncompromising service with full Confidentiality, Privacy, and Loyalty. My extensive 30 years of experience and attention to detail in buying and selling Residential, Commercial, Investment, and Project Development will give you full market knowledge as well as real world experience. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and have earned the Electronic Professional designation from the National Association of Realtors®.

I specialize in the Luxury Home and Home Site category of the Sedona real estate market. I have an extensive background in Custom Home Building and Architectural Design which will benefit the client considering building or acquiring their dream home here in Sedona.

I am proud to be associated with Arizona’s premier brokerage with the global reach of Remax International Realty. I am a member of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals. I have well established long-term relationships with other Sedona Realtors® and Brokers which makes the buying and selling process smooth and enjoyable.

My Dog Houla

Originally called the Catahoula Cur, its name was changed to Catahoula Leopard Dog after it was named the state dog of Louisiana in 1979. The word Catahoula itself is a Choctaw Indian word meaning “sacred lake.” The name Catahoula derives from the area in North Central Louisiana near Catahoula Lake, where the breed originated. The Catahoula Leopard dog is a descendent of the Indian dogs that the first settlers to North Central Louisiana encountered in that area.

Although the American Kennel Club has designated the Catahoula Leopard Dog a herder, it was originally bred as a hunting dog used for hunting the wild boar indigenous to its area of origin. As working dogs, Catahoulas have been used to track and hunt all manner of woodland wildlife, including boar, deer, mountain lions, black bears, raccoons, and squirrels. However, their herding instincts are just as prominent. When used as herders (usually of cattle and hogs), Catahoulas use antagonization and intimidation to manage their herds, a technique that differs from the constant patrolling methods of other herders like Border Collies and sheepdogs. Whether they’re used for hunting or herding, the true test of purity in a Catahoula is its working instinct.