Real Estate Clarkdale

Just west of Cottonwood sits Clarkdale, a small town with about 3,800 residents. This Historic District sits right alongside the Verde River. Founded in 1911, it was Arizona's first master-planned community. The historic properties offer a quaint insight into the turn of the century America and great homes too.

Clarkdale's real estate market has started to pick up speed in the past ten years, with new investors and buyers in the area. New subdivisions with affordable housing are now on the market and residential growth has been astonishing. In the past decade, it has received millions of dollars in renovations and restorations, making this site an excellent choice for real estate investors.

Clarkdale has a small town atmosphere, but some big appeal, with a variety of manufacturing and technology businesses, alongside historic museums and antique shops. The natural surroundings are a big draw for tourists, with the Clarkdale Rail Station offering visitors a spectacular tour along the Verde River and through Sycamore Canyon's wilderness.

High school students in Clarkdale can attend the nearby Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood. The town is home to the Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary school and part of the Yavapai College Campus. For more information about Clarkdale, visit the town website and schools link.