Real Estate Jerome

Jerome, located just off of Clarkdale, is located on the side of Cleopatra's Hill (5,200 feet). It's altitude allows it to offer astonishing views of the entire Verde Valley. The town sits on top of what was once the largest mine in Arizona, producing an astonishing three million pounds of copper ore each month. During the Gold Rush people all the way from the east coast made the pilgrimage to Jerome for a chance of a new way of life.

As the money from the copper came in Jerome became riddled with debauchery and vice. The newspaper the New York Sun once declared Jerome to be, "the wickedest town in the West". Jerome has calmed down quite a bit, but the strip of buildings that housed the brothels and bars that made up the center of Jerome's early night-life now make up Jerome's main shopping area with restaurants and art galleries. The town population reached 15,000 people in the late 1920s before the Depression of the 30s caused the closing of the mine. In the following years Jerome's population fell to under 100, turning the town into a ghost town.

In 1967 Jerome was declared a National Historic District by the government. Since then Jerome has transformed into a bustling center of arts and crafts. The lights that sparkle from Jerome can be seen all across the valley at night, giving off the aura of wonder that the town now emanates. The property here is unique in every way with some homes hanging over the edge of the hill while other property nestles in the side of the mountain. Jerome real estate offers properties in all price ranges, fromk fixer uppers to modernized homes.

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