Property & Real Estate Lake Montezuma

Sitting north of Camp Verde, Lank Montezuma is a small pre-planned community that has a reputation as a retirement destination. However, it is starting to break that mold in recent years, as families are being drawn by the affordable housing. Land here is also appreciating greatly, with many lots yielding returns of nearly 400% in five years.

Lake Montezuma and the neighboring Rim Rock have a combined population of about 3,750 residents. The town is relatively temperate for Arizona, which allows golfing to be a year-round sport. The town is also home to a pool and tennis courts for those interested in an active lifestyle.

Near the town, Montezuma's Well, a natural limestone sinkhole 470 feet across, is a great destination for hikers. Trails wind down the sides of the sinkhole down to a unique lake that was formed by the collapse of an underground cavern. It is filled continuously by a nearby spring. For more information, visit