Red Rock Loop Real Estate

Red Rock Loop is a secluded area just outside of Sedona city limits entirely surrounded by National Forest, running parallel to Oak Creek for around a mile. The north-east corner of Red Rock Loop is home to Red Rock High School, Sedona's charming secondary education establishment. Red Rock Loop real estate contains beautiful red rock plateaus and stunning valleys and is home to small neighbourhood properties and ranches.

Despite its apparent isolation, West Sedona, a center of shopping and dining, is only a ten minute drive from Red Rock Loop. It contains homes for all sorts of nature-lovers and sightseers, ranging from small riverside homes to rural estates.

Real Estate on Red Rock Loop is amazingly valued. This gem is yet to be discovered and the sooner you jump on it the better. Real Estate is aplenty, even with homes and property directly on the creek! If you're looking for a calm, friendly place that is just out of town, this is the neighborhood for you.