Village of Oak Creek Real Estate

Approximately five miles south of Sedona lies the Village of Oak Creek. Real estate in this area is subject to lower taxes and is often more affordable on a budget. Residents of the village can enjoy the beauty of Sedona without being in the center of activity. The real estate in the Village of Oak Creek ranges from affordable homes, condos and apartments through an abundance of family housing to high end luxury homes.

The VOC is home to many trails, including easy access to Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing which is quite wonderful in the Summer. Most property is only a short distance away from both a shopping center and a trailhead. There is also a golf course at the Oak Creek Country Club, boardered on all sides by houses for easy access. The Red Rocks always rise above the horizon to provide a picturesque backdrop to all the town's activities.

Housing choices include affordable condominiums and moderately priced homes, some of them right on the golf course's fairways. In addition there are luxurious properties tucked away in the canyons and hills of the area. Phoenix commuters often prefer the Village to Sedona for it's location, which saves time on trips down south.